...Tie Di Knot, led by Shelle Parchment, curated the enchanting d├ęcor with rich hues of sage green and white, and incorporating wooden elements. READ MORE: Jamaica Observer

...wedding planner Shelle Parchment of Tie Di Knot kept things running smoothly; she and her team efficiently executed their tasks without drawing any attention. READ MORE: Jamaica Observer

When Peta Gayle Oates first laid eyes on her now husband, Timothy Blake, it was far from love at first sight. "I think she saw me some time ago, and my sister kept on telling her I'm the best thing for her, without telling me anything about her. She saw me in 2012 and thought I was some 'old ugly dude'," Timothy explained to Flair, with a laugh.

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This episode of Pree Dis show with host Michaela Leeanna was shot on location in New Kingston. It features highlights from the grand coronation of Miss Universe Jamaica North East 2016 pageant.

Wearing the sash Miss Ace Loans, Candice McLeod was crowned Moon Palace Jamaica Grande Miss Universe Jamaica North East 2016 at a lavish ceremony held at the five-star resort recently.

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Glamour and beauty reigned as contestants in the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande Miss Universe Jamaica North East 2016 were recently sashed at the hotel.

Representatives from title/event sponsors Moon Palace Jamaica Grande, along with sponsors of the contestants and associate sponsors all seemed pleased with the line-up of beautiful young women selected by franchise holder Shelle Parchment and her team.

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